Stove Installing

HETAS Approved Installers in Dronfield and Stove Installation in Derbyshire

Before installing a wood-burning stove or a multi-fuel stove, there are a few things you need to consider first.

  • Stove installation for wood burning and multi-fuel burning stoves are controlled by the Building Regulations. The Building Regulations also oversee the installation of flues and chimneys that are connected to heat producing appliances.
  • Installations in properties with thatched roofs are applicable to additional regulations.
  • The property owner may need to apply for Building Regulations permission before installing a stove and flue system unless the work is carried out by a HETAS approved installer.
  • If you have an existing chimney, you need to arrange for a complete inspection to ensure that your chimney has no hazards such as blockages or birds nests to cause problems in your flue.
  • Using old chimneys can be a problem if they are not lined. Unlined chimneys can leak hazardous fumes and tars. Old chimneys are often in a poor working order due to corrosion caused by condensation and soot damage.
  • A professional inspector should always check the structural performance of an old chimney before use with a new boiler. The chimney must be water tight and wind resistant.
  • Installing a chimney liner into an old chimney will improve safety and performance.
  • Any new chimney flue lining must be carried out according to building regulations.
  • Stove ventilation is essential for the correct working of a stove. There must be a permanent air source available to allow safe and efficient combustion. If your stove is not suitably ventilated, you may get smoke flooding into the room and it will become harder to light.
  • A lack of adequate ventilation can be hazardous to the health of residents. Carbon Monoxide can be emitted from a stove without sufficient oxygen supply.
  • Properties built after 2006 are likely to be built to a more air-tight standard so extra ventilation precautions may need to be undertaken.
  • Only HETAS approved installers and building inspectors can sign off work on chimneys according to building regulations.

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